Why the KEYLET?

This actually started as a "baby" inspired business believe it or not.  With a newborn at home that hit the teething phase hard & fast, & living in a remote location living off Amazon Prime, I quickly got to work sourcing out non toxic materials to make teethers for my little one at home.  The bonus?  While my newborn slept, this little momma had something else to turn her energy to other than bottles & diapers & laundry.

Being as passionate as I am about sharing all things I love on social, I soon had friends & family asking for my home made goods, which soon expanded far beyond my network.  And naturally teethers turned into rattles and soother clips and more (some of that more being THESE).  So off I went and birthed my second baby - oats + honey co.

I was in my glory!  I was connecting with new moms from all over.  My new hobby business was growing.  I was starting to learn the ins and outs of this home based business thing.  I was making adorable products that were unlike anything else I was seeing on other feeds.  I was sourcing products & comparing vendors.  All of it!  However, I quickly learnt this was a space I didn't want to be in.

Being the hobby business it was, having a son reaching 10 months, and approaching our first move & sale of our family home, I decided it was the perfect moment to step back, and be present with my family.  If you could hear me now, I'm chuckling as I write this for you all, because am I ever grateful I was present.  Let me tell you, moving is not just moving, let alone moving with an infant.  There is so much more involved to selling your home & purchasing a new one, then anyone can ever prepare you for.  But there was this glimmer of hope that kept me going each day & each night ... and it was this new house!

We left our tiny 1,000 sq ft home & the remote west side of Kelowna behind (Fintry to be exact, its gorgeous ps you must go explore), & located ourselves right smack dab in the middle of Kelowna's favourite wineries.  Not only did we upgrade in location, but size too.  And if you're a crafter or an owner of a small home based business, you'll understand me on this one - having your own SPACE to create, work, organize, plan, package & ship your products is HEAVEN on earth!  Not just heaven, but NECESSARY!

I vividly remember counting down the days.  I had made a promise to myself that I was not unpacking my beads until at least the upstairs was unpacked.  Enough with taking on too many projects I told myself, & just focus on unpacking & feeling settled.  Meanwhile, one day early on into our move my little one got my KEYLET that I had made back last Christmas, caught in the metal mechanics of the recliner couch.  Like to the point of no return stuck - we had to pull so hard on it until it broke free.  I knew I would be opening Pandoras box if I “just went to make ONE" pulling out all my supplies while the house still was not unpacked, so I listened to the promise I made myself, & kept those beads tucked away a bit longer.

That was so darn hard you guys!!!

Then one day I had friends & family inquiring when I was going to be making those "keychain things" again.  Knowing I too desperately needed one, I lined up some babysitting & finished unpacking this house with a date set to bead!  

 I could feel the emotions & feelings of oat + honey co. resurfacing & I knew that this was not just about keychains, that this was not just about trying to sell something. 

This was about bringing the focus back to local shops & businesses.  This was about utilizing a brand & its social 'space' to share, to support, and to connect with other small businesses in my very backyard.  This was about giving back during the most unexpected uncertain times (stay tuned for more info to come on this).

This was also about me.  This was about having a creative outlet.  This was about chasing bigger goals.  This was about me having a hat to wear other than mother or fiancee or dog walker or house cleaner or condo cleaner or .... should I go on? 

This wasn't just about me not loosing my keys again, like I had been consistently for the past two months with no KEYLET, this was about me not loosing my sanity.  Not now - not at times like these!

So I sat down one evening with a mission on my mind ...

And the rest is history!

Just like that, the KEYLET was born - the original KEYchain wristLET!


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