What I Have Learnt

WOW ... well there goes that 'goal' of writing a weekly blog post!
I actually am chuckling to myself over the fact I set those intentions.
Maybe some of you other small home based shops can relate?
Actually I am sure you can!
Because heres the thing, and I truly did not understand the magnitude and depth to this until I was all in ...
Running your own small shop business from home is no joke!  It is NOT EASY, especially as a mom.  And I truly do not say that to toot my own horn, although part of me is performing a cheer routine in my head saying GO GIRL (because we need to celebrate ourselves more), but I say that to simply acknowledge the realities of small shop business owners. 
Because I had no idea until I consumed myself in this space.
I've worked many different jobs over the last 15 years - I have worked independently, I have worked in large team settings, I have worked FOR people, I have worked outside the home, I have worked inside the home ... but NEVER have I invested myself into BUILDING a business from the ground up from home.
So let me just start by saying LADIES - I see you!  I applaud you!  I celebrate you!  I respect you AND I am certainly damn proud of you!
In fact, the truth is I have a whole new level of appreciation AND respect for each of you!  Which is also why a HUGE part of my business and this 'purpose' is to pour back into as many small shops as I can - and I'll chat about that in another blog post  ... in 3 months or something HA!
But heres why I have SO much admiration ... here's what I have learnt over the past few months and can share with fellow small shop owners/mommas:
Accept and understand early on that you are a ONE woman show - certainly you can ask for help and there will be things you hire out along the way.  However, you are still only one person, meaning you can only do so much.  Which leads me to ...
Give yourself all the extra grace and patience.  From planning the next season, coming up with new product ideas, wanting to re vamp your packaging, collaborating with others, shooting your products, building your website ... the list goes on ... know that this list will never end, nor get shorter.  Instead, it will evolve and change, and as you complete one thing, something new will arise.  You are wearing every hat, so if you forgot to do something, or you are a bit behind 'your' schedule, its okay.  I promise no one else is noticing.  Your fans are still waiting, watching and cheering you on!
Do NOT compare!  It might sound cliché but it truly is the thief of joy.  I think most of us have have experienced this feeling though, its totally normal, especially today with the digital world at our fingertips, literally.  Remember, you can manifest anything you want!  Put your focus and energy into that and don't worry about anyone else tapping into your space.
Set boundaries ... working from home, let alone being a stay at home mom too, is HARD!  Set boundaries so that you are not 'multi-tasking' all day long rotating all the hats you wear.  It is CRUCIAL that you have designated uninterrupted work hours!  Trust me on this, and know, this may mean sacrifice!  Sometimes momma has to work when the house sleeps!
Speaking of hats - you wear them all, so be prepared for that, and do not let yourself burn out.  Especially because it's only you to begin with.  The point is to enjoy what you are creating and building!  So just know you will juggle many tasks daily from accounting, to marketing, to sales, to packing orders, to designing products and packaging ... it doesn't stop truly. 
That said, this has actually been one of the most enjoyable aspects for me, probably because I love learning. 
And I have learnt SO much. 
About business.  About marketing.  About product design.  About material sourcing.  About shipping.  About collaborations.  About creating.  I could go on ...
Truly, what a different day and age to live in, where everything is literally at our fingertips (so take ADVANTAGE).  This was NOT the cause when I was a kid - I grew up with Encyclopedias' and Dial-Up ... the sky is the limit now for anyone!  
Just look around!

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