the KARDHOLDer in Pink

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the KARDHOLDer in Pink

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Toss that bulky wallet away with the KARDHOLDer - the perfect accessory to go with your KEYLET for your must have cards 

 ♡ made ethically from vegan leather
 ♡ snap close
 ♡ features matching tassel & soft gold hardware
 ♡ holds 4-6 cards
♡ 4 x 4 x 0.5 inches 

NOTE: All phone screens & computer screens are different.  This could result in your actual product varying slightly from the colours presented on the screen.

SAFETY WARNING: All products, materials & supplies sold from the KEYLET Official are intended for adult use only & should never be left with a child unattended.  Small objects, beads & metal clasps & clips present a serious choking hazard to all children; any product with small objects should never be left with a child unattended.  Our products are not designed to be chewed on or substituted as a teether for infants.