Welcome to the KEYLET, we are so excited to have you here & share a little bit of our journey with you.

The story goes something like this ...

the KEYLET Official was founded in late 2020 by a new mama.  But first let's rewind.

It was the end of 2019.  We had just had our son.  I was on maternity leave from my care aide position.  We were living in Fintry, far out from the city.  Winter was about to set in.  I was still navigating grief from the sudden loss of my dad just nine months earlier.  I was feeling stir crazy with all this time I suddenly had on my hands.

And then my son started teething.

To my surprise, my search for "chewable" teething items at the time was a complete disappointment.   So I got busy, put my crafting skills to work, ordered a ton of supplies and started beading around the clock.

One night, while staring at a teething ring that I accidentally made too large, the idea of a wristlet style keychain came to mind.  It seemed genius to me - not only were these beads indestructible (I had just recently broken a keychain that had glass beads), but they were also easy to sanitize, and a global pandemic had just hit.  Off I went with my new keychain.

Fast forward to fall. 

We finally make the move to West Kelowna.  Somehow throughout moving my keychain gets lodged in our mechanical recliner on the sectional.  So badly, that the jump ring broke open when we pulled it out.  My new keychain was no longer useable (due to the way the hardware was fastened in the very beginning).  And of course, my beads were packed in storage still; we had just moved.  And we had just moved, so beading was not a priority.

To say that keychain was missed over the next few weeks would be the biggest understatement EVER! 

As soon as I possibly could, I used all my remaining beads from "teething days" to make as many keychains as possible.  I posted them for my friends and family, and they were sold out within seconds.  Suddenly

And just like that, the KEYLET (a KEYchain wristLET) was born ✦


Brittney + Family